On Chaukathi, a short film

Threshold or Chaukathi, a 30-minute film made by my friend Deepak Rauniyar, was officially the first film to be selected to be screened at Cannes Film Festival. There were two more from Nepal same year. Despite being screened at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival in Kathmandu, where it was adjudged the third-best film, I […]

Changing faces of Nepal’s news sites

In last few months – three top news sites of Nepal namely eKantipur.com [the new name for KantipurOnline.com], TheHimalayanTimes.com [the online venture of APCA House which publishes The Himalayan Times English daily] and the old gold NepalNews.com changed their designs [and updating frequency]. Here are the two screenshots of these sites for comparison: eKantipur in […]

Time to wake up!

Barbarity! Inhumanity! Heinousness! Atrocity! Savagery! These are the synonyms that my small dictionary offered to me as I searched for the right word to define the incident that happened today at Chabahil. Sadly, I believe none of these exactly represent what I want to call it! A mob attacked a stationary microbus parked on the […]