Connected via Social Media

The latest buzz is social media connections but I wonder how can journalists use there effectively. The rise of social networking and microblogging in the recent past has changed the idea of relationship, sharing and remaining connected to each other. In the virtual world of computers and waves, life is almost null without the connections […]

Chisapani: the coolness of hiking

Height: 2194m from sea-level Distance: 14km walk (mostly uphill) from Sundarijal, Kathmandu Walking uphill, especially on stone steps till you reach the end of Mulkharkha, is not easy but the rewards you get then after – almost three more hours of walk through the jungle of Shivapuri Wildlife Reserve and the place called Chisapani on […]

Wanted: Bloggers

I am pretty sure that this is the first time a media house in Nepal has advertised vacancy for bloggers. Himal Southasian – a regional magazine published by the not-for-profit The Southasia Trust, Lalitpur has the vacancy for bloggers who can write for their blog. The downside of the job is that it’s an unpaid […]

History of Sport Journalism in Nepal

(This is the an excerpt from my post-graduation thesis – Sports Press in Nepal: A Survey of Sports Pages of the Daily Newspapers. See bottom of this post for more information.) Sports journalism is defined as the collection, editing and disseminating the news about the activities of sports. (Acharya, 1998) When there is talk about […]

Websites of Nepali Politicians

The latest to join the fray is Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. The much-hyped website is that of former finance minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. The almost unknown blogger is former science minister Ganesh Shah. The ‘Nepali Congress’ leader website is that of Narahari Acharya. And, ‘coming soon’ is Gagan Thapa. Probably most of these websites, […]