Mr Hyde (of Maoists) wakes up

The efforts to forget political consensus among top three political parties in Nepal was going well (quotes of Maoist leaders): The meeting ended on a positive note. The meeting was a step closer toward resolving the problem. – Maoist leader Dev Gurung (on October 23) We will show flexibility for the end of political deadlock. […]

The times they are a-changin’

On the first week of October, I had planned a trekking trip with my wife. Since September-October was considered to be the best season to visit, we were both very excited about the trip to Poon Hill, one of the best viewing places in Nepal for sunrise and Annapurna range of Himalaya. The trip was […]

Tihar: hopes of enlightenment

Bhailini aain angana, gunyu cholo magana! He aausiko baro, gai tiharo bhailo! or Ye hai bhana mera bhai ho, deusi re! Ye hai ramrai bhana, deusi re! Each echoing sound of these Tihar songs gives a nostalgic vibration to me (as to many Nepalis). For these were the songs, we probably waited most eagerly to […]

The mockery of democracy

Believe it or not, Nepali politics is dirty. Politics in underdeveloped countries such as Nepal is always dirty, because we, the people, and leaders rarely understand the essence of it. This is also true because for the politicians, their career and party generally come before the nation. For the Maoists in Nepal, the most important […]

NEPAL SMILES when children smile

Three times in the past, I have tried to operate a photoblog of the smiling children and failed to continue. This time, I am reviving the project with new enthusiasm at Please visit the site, and if you have any complaint or suggestions about it write to me. If you have photos to fit […]