An enemy within

[Paraphrase of some interesting points of two speeches during the launching of a book entitled MBM Anthology of Media Ethics edited by my friend Bhuwan KC. The speeches were those of Minister for Communication and Information Shankar Pokharel and Professor P Kharel.] Shankar Pokharel Politicians and/or political parties use media for two reasons: either to […]

A game of neighbors

A game of football is all about scoring. A player needs to penetrate into the opponent’s area to score goals – and if the defense is not good, then there will be more room to play for the opponents. Every goal is scored because of a weakness! The game of politics is similar – not […]

Simply inhuman

Killing anyone is a crime itself. Killing someone for criticism is an act of people who have already lost a portion of humanism. Attempting to kill a journalist for what she wrote – that too by gradually cutting her right fingers and pushing off a cliff – is simply inhuman. Tika Bista, a 22-year-old Rukum-based […]

Nepal Cabinet meets at Everest!

December 4, 2009. A date to remember because Nepal government created a world record by holding a cabinet meeting at Kala Patthar – 5,5542m / 18,192 ft above sea level. The meeting was held to create awareness about melting in the Himalaya due to human-induced climate change. For a few things, I feel good about […]