Thoughts on Mayur Times

Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger took everyone by surprise – for its unique narration of a story that any novelist would not have thought a bestseller idea. His second book – Between the Assassinations – was not the page-turner compared to the first. Narayan Wagle, our own novelist, received similar response with his Mayur Times. […]

Inspiring citizen heroes

Yesterday, my publication celebrated the first anniversary of Republica and Nagarik national dailies with the Republica Nagarik Summit. The summit, experiences of (and interaction with) five selected citizen heroes (‘those who have worked for others selflessly’), was a new concept that many participants liked (and thanked us for). For a few of us (the hobbyist […]

A Day at Ghalegaon

I spent almost 20 hours at Ghalegoan, Lamjung – a popular tourism destination for community based rural tourism and left wondering why exactly the village is so popular during the return trip on a jeep through rocky risky road (that took almost three hours to reach Besisahar – the district headquarters). To say, the village […]

New Year 2067 Hope

Hope is a big thing. It’s the thing that keeps us happy and alive. With every occasion, we feel happy – for we hope that the occasion will bring us goodness. New Year is one such occasion that brings more hopes that any other occasion. The first day of a New Year is a beginning, […]

The April Uprising

From April 5 to 24, we mark one of the greatest displays of people’s power. The Jana Andolan II or the April Uprising of 2006 was a landmark people’s movement that ended monarchy and Maoists’ People’s War establishing a more reformed democracy. But more than that, it was a splendid example of what people of […]