Newspapers of different kinds

As a part of graduate course of media studies at the International Summer School 2010 at the University of Oslo, I visited, along with classmates, two different newspapers of Norway. Where as Klassekampen, a lowly circulated socialist daily, pride being a serious newspaper with clear ideological stance, Dagblalet, the third-largest selling tabloid pride itself in […]

A feminist writing

[Review of Samrat Upadhyay’s Buddha’s Orphans] Samrat Upadhyay’s new novel – Buddha’s Orphans – is atypical to his earlier books. This isn’t because his novel is as good as his earlier three books but rather because it’s a book that, thanks to criticism, doesn’t have excessive sex. Upadhyay had announced that his forthcoming (this) book […]

Falling in love with Norwegians

After two weeks of stay in Oslo – Norway’s capital – for a six-week study at the International Summer School 2010, University of Oslo (UiO), there are a few things I am amazed about. But one thing that I like most is the Norwegian people. I have always heard about the ‘smile of Nepali people’ […]

The Hostel Life… at UiO

Hostel life is not an alien for me – for I had stayed almost year in hostel during my final year at school back in Nepal. The hostel was 10-minute walk from my house and I was staying in the hostel because my parents want me to study, rather than play and stroll around, during […]