Personal is not private

Personal information posted on internet’s social media such as Facebook, Twitter and discussion forums are not private – rather they are public information viewable by unintended people legally Last week, two of my friends – a journalist and a blogger, both of whom I follow on the popular microblogging site, Twitter – exchanged numerous postings […]

Unruly sport stars

Last week, two Nepali national footballers — Anil Ojha and Shiva Shrestha — were suspended from their teams after behaving improperly with teammates. Both of them were drunk too to control themselves immediately after the second international match against Bhutan in Pokhara. Their behavior spoilt the victory celebrations. A few weeks ago, an up-and-coming cricketer […]

Football’s positive step

Bhutan’s national football team is in Pokhara for two friendly matches against Nepal. As expected, Nepal with its superior position in the FIFA rankings, won both the matches against the Himalayan neighbor. For reasons best known to themselves, many football fans believe that playing against Bhutan is not very fruitful for the Nepali national team. […]

Forgotten promises

“Despite having good players, there is something lacking… The players don´t get to play enough matches. Expecting them to do well after playing only three 50-over matches is not justified… Two things I want to do are: hold two-day format national league and arrange for Nepali team to play in India…” Those were the words […]