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NepalUnites for uniting Nepalis

Social entrepreneur Anil Chitrakar was one of the presentater during the Mashable’s Social Media Day Meetup in Kathmandu on June 30. At the event organized by Xplore International in partnership with Microsoft Innovation Center – Nepal, Chitrakar spoke about NepalUnites. NepalUnites is a social media campaign popularly/satirically called the Facebook Movement and Chitrakar is one among a few initiators.

In his presentation, he outlined the need and aim of NepalUnites, the challenges of using social media for social change, along with ideas and events of the group. I took down a few notes of his presentation and here they are:


Yesterday, we asked people to come to the Football World Cup qualifying match between Nepal and East Timor. Why football? Because football, or sports, unites Nepalis. Likewise, we are also supporting music, releasing theme songs, because music also unites Nepalis.

The fundamental aim of NepalUnites is uniting Nepalis. Continue reading