United We Blog!

Blogging is the hottest thing in the virtual world (despite many bloggers knowing that their blog won’t be read by many people. And how can people like us, me and Dinesh Wagle, can avoid this – thus we decide, on an untold agreement that at least each of us would read other’s, united we blog!

Note: The blog post is here for historic purpose. This was the first post on United We Blog! on October 1, 2004. UWB is the first blog of Nepal.

After 31 minutes of this post, Dinesh Wagle, a co-founder of UWB, posted this:

Joining the foray

Agreeing totally on what Uzz has to say in his posting, I here by declare my participation into the Blogging War. God bless our readers!

UWB was first hosted at www.wagle.com.np/dinuzz and on November 8, 2004, it was moved to www.blog.com.np