About Me

Digital Editor / Media & Communication Consultant / Hobbyist Blogger/ Enthusiastic Social Media User/ Media & Freedom of Expression Activist/ Media Researcher / Cricket Fan/ Janapremi, Ratna Rajya, International Summer School at University of Oslo, International Academy of Journalism (Intajour), KipCamp & Int’l Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Alumni/ Human with Heart


I am currently employed at the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) as the South Asia Coordinator.

Professional Journalist: Was Digital Editor at AnnapurnaPost.com (Nepal News Network International Pvt Ltd) / online editor at myrepublica.com (Nepal Republic Media Pvt Ltd) / Previously worked for The Kathmandu Post (as Sports Bureau Co-ordinator / Op-Ed Editing Assistant / Night Desk Editing Assistant / Translator), Nepal Samacharpatra (Sports Correspondent, Business and Economy Correspondent) and Tarun Weekly (Sports Columnist / Entertainment Reporter)

Media & Communication Consultant: Was consultant at UNESCO Kathmandu Office for a couple of years

Hobbyist Blogger: Blogging at NepaliVoices.com / co-founded Nepal’s first blog United We Blog! (UWB – blog.com.np) / Blogged for Radio Free Nepal (RFN – freenepal.blogspot.com) / Founder Editor of Cricket Nepal (cricket.com.np – since 2001)

Social Media Enthusiastic: I wrote op-ed pieces for Republica on social media, follow social media initiatives and read a lot on social media

Media Researcher: Was Chairman of Center for Media Research – Nepal, a small research setup focusing on media researches especially new media and it’s implications on old media; led a few research projects

Activist: Chair, Digital Media Committee at FNJ / Central Committee Member (2011-14), Federation of Nepali Journalists / Advisor, Madhyapur Youth Association


Ujjwal Acharya (on certificates Krishna Prasad Acharya) is a professional journalist and a hobbyist online media professional.

A post-graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Ujjwal is currently employed in Republica – an English daily to commenced soon as the online co-ordinator. Prior to that he worked forThe Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s biggest English daily, as the co-ordinator of sports bureau. He had worked in Nepal Samacharpatra vernacular daily and Tarun Weekly in the past.

Ujjwal along with Dinesh Wagle began the pioneering blog of Nepal United We Blog! in Octber 1, 2004. It was after February 1, 2005 when King Gyanendra seized the executive power and ordered full censorship in all traditional media when United We Blog! became the nation’s only uncensored media covering the “news as the bloggers see it” lauded as the candid efforts by the world.

United We Blog! along with Radio Free Nepal was the advocates of the expression of freedom and democracy during the King’s rule. Ujjwal also blogged for Radio Free Nepal anonymously.

Ujjwal has also been running NepalCricket.com the nation’s biggest cricket site with more than 300,000 average monthly hits since 2001. NepalCricket.com began as the hobby project and turned into the full fledged online media with a vibrant blog with more than 500 members registered as contributors the NepalCricket.com Fan Club that has been the platform for the formation of the NepalCricket FanClub.

Ujjwal is also a part-time teacher teaching journalism to higher secondary level students since 2006 and at lower level since 1996. Happily married to Tara, an aspiring Fashion Designer, Ujjwal lives in Kaushaltar, a newly urban area half-an-hour bus ride from Kathmandu the capital of Nepal.

Something Odd Autobiography (Mini)

2Cs are always my passion: computer and cricket. I would have loved if blogs were called clogs and journalism named cournalism (looks better word with a part of courage in it). So my passion should be something like CCBJT – common now, what’s that T for? It’s for my wife – Tara.

Born August 25, 1978, on the day Hindu celebrate as the birthday of Lord Krishna , I was always a dumb boy. I always stood first in my class until I learnt to bunk classes while I was on Stadard 3, but that doesn’t mean that I was clever. I always believed during my childhood other children were far cleverer than me.

It would be when I was 13, my brother (our great grandfather was the same person) would open a school and get me as a pupil. It was when I was in Standard 6 and yet to be fully spoiled by my bad habits.

Okay, from then on I became good (left smoking and bunking class) and went on to study Mass Communication and Journalism in the college. I would have loved to study Electronics Engineering but the college form had a section in which I have to fill the total income of my family and the lowest value was the one double than what my family earned that time. I tore and threw away the form.

I was never a good student. Passed the college in second division (though my interest in journalism made me the university topper in that subject in the bachelors level and I received two awards for that).

I began my journalism journey in Tarun, and I started reporting sports and entertainment. For a year, I worked free (two days a week) and left. Then for my internship, I went to Nepal Samacharpatra. Later when they needed reporters I applied and got the job. I worked for about two years (six months on business section) and rest in sports section and joined The Kathmandu Post.

In between, I have always been teaching as a part-timer at the school I studied – Adarsha Janapremee English Higher Secondary School.

My technology passion made me learn some web desinging and my love for cricket made me start a cricket web site. It was the first cricket site in Nepal and still is (there is one other – the official cricket site by Cricket Association of Nepal). For that part, I learnt to find and use the php-scripts for me and that got me into blogging.

Thats all.

My Life Mantra – Smile and Do the Tasks that Satisfies Your Soul.

PS: On certificates, my name is Krishna Prasad Acharya (well, don’t use this name while you call my home, my parents and wife may answer you nobody with that names lives in the house).