Little Steps for Big Leap!

Blog Action DayA tree stands a few yards from my house. It houses two crow nests. And whenever I see it from my roof, I feel proud that I had, in my childhood, planted the tree that has become house to at least two crows.

Sometime, after working long hours on computer, I feel tired and in search of fresh air, I go to the roof. And, the green tree soothes my eyes like nothing else. I feel like I should have planted a few more of the trees.

This morning, I went to the tree and touched it, and stood beneath it as proud as an adult be of his childhood deeds as the crows above me started looking at me suspiciously. Then, I remembered I have received an email yesterday reminding me that I had signed as participant of the Blog Action Day with a promise that I will write something today about environment.

I am neither an expert nor activist to write something scholarly or important enough on the issue… but wait can I say that? Can I ignore environment because I am a journalist? Can WE leave the issue to those working for it only?

Of course not, because environment is something that we live on. But then what can I do? As a child I have planted a tree and now the tree is big and green! I am happy but is that enough? Maybe not, but if we all do small things like that then we can change everything. Maybe decreasing the font size by one step so that a page in decreased while printing; or not using plastic bags when not absolutely needed can help.

From within a busy schedule we have, let’s take out a minute everyday and think about environment and how can we make it better, or at least keep it as of today’s, can change our future. Little steps for big leap!

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2 thoughts on “Little Steps for Big Leap!”

  1. you have done lot for the environment I still remember the days at my school where we formed the eco club and you were the main person to support our programm infact you were the man who purposed it but soon we left the school and our plan was on the vain .I was one of the member for management of that club but we cannot do many thing becoz of the SLC but try my best even joining any group or any club ..
    save environment
    save the future

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