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These are links to the articles relating either to blogging or journalism that I wrote for The Radiant Star, my personal blog, or United We Blog! when NepaliVoices wasn’t around. I believe these are good reading for anyone interested in Nepali blogosphere or journalism.

Two Thoughts on Nepali Journalism
August 3, 2006 – Rethinking About Media’s Sources My commentary on the event when Kantipur Television was forced to apologize for broadcasting false news

Nepali Blogs as Alternative Media
May 11, 2006 – Also at
Nepali blogosphere is an example of how a handful of people can use the internet easily to establish an alternative medium of information; and also how a political turmoil can foster the way for the citizens to emerge with their own media.

Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace
April 18, 2006 – A short entry on my experience on participating in the seminar in Manilla

Stance Changes with Govt for State Media
April 26, 2006 – Commentary on State Media after The Rising Nepal deleted a tag line from its masthead

Blog Rocks!
April 14, 2006 – Blog coverage of fight for democracy in Nepal shows the beauty of blogs

Our Own Cartoon Story
March 29, 2006 – My commentary on the cartoon published by Nepal Samacharpatra daily targeting Kantipur daily

Nepali Sports On Net
March 1, 2006 – The state of online sports journalism in Nepal

Bloggers Inspire
February 1, 2006 – A small entry on what the editor of the mainstream media’s online portal said on the inauguration

Welcome to Blogosphere!
January 24, 2006 – An article published in The Kathmandu Post about blogging targeted to newbie bloggers

Let’s Blog!
An introductory essay on blog.

Bloggers in Mainstream Media on Blogs
January 17, 2006 – An entry about the writeups about blogs and blogging in Nepali mainstream media

Changing Trends in Online Media
January 14, 2006 – A commentary on increasing number of online media of Nepal

Internet as a Medium: Pros & Cons
August 15, 2005 – Kunda Dixit’s lecture on the topic during the online journalism training at the Panos South Asia

Media Prioritized Negative Side?
February 24, 2005 – My commentary on non-media people lecturing on media’s roles and responsiblity

Is Media Opening Up?
February 16, 2005 – An entry on experience of media opening up defying the censorship during the King’s direct rule

What’s Wrong?
Foreign Investment or Nepali Approach

January 27, 2005 – Commentary on coverage of two newspaper with foreign investment covering the India’s republic day

Is Blogging Journalism?
January 26, 2005 – My take on the issue

Sports Journalism? Entertaining.
October 28, 2004 – My experience as a sports journalist

And of course, there are still more entries on blogs under ‘Best of Blog‘ which was a category I tried to use like GlobalVoices.

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