American Ambassador to Nepal, Scott H DeLisi, is in the limelight – thanks to his Facebook page. His opinions expressed there are being quoted by Nepali mainstream media frequently.

While we have been reading his opinions on current political, and social, aspects of Nepal, his opinion against the strike called by Nepali Congress on Sunday created a controversy because the leaders of the old party discussed it in length during their Central Working Committee meeting and later expressed publicly that what he wrote was undiplomatic; and that he should not be giving public lectures of Nepali politicians. Read More →

Kathmandu Statement is the outcome of the South Asian Meeting on the Internet and Freedom of Expression, held in Kathmandu from November 2 to 4, 2011.

The meeting was organized by the Internet Democracy Project, in collaboration with Point of View (India), the Centre for Policy Alternatives (Sri Lanka) and Global Partners and Associates (UK) and was participated by a select group of Internet and FoE activists of the region and UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, Frank La Rue. Read More →