[During a conference in the University of Connecticut, I was asked to speak on media literacy in Nepal. What could I say? I studied journalism and mass communication at Tribhuvan University for seven years completing more than 15 annual subjects on media. None of them focused on media literacy. I have gone through media courses of other universities of Nepal and I found media literary in none of them.

I also studied English language and literature during my university days. There were courses on critical thinking but they didn’t deal with media texts. Read More →

On March 24, Tweet for Cause Nepal (@tfcNepal) celebrated its first anniversary. tfcNepal is a small social media initiative for social change that aims to bring smiles on the faces of the underprivileged by providing them little support. In a year, the initiative succeeded in running five projects (a project = a support worth around Rs. 30,000), including one outside Kathmandu. The initiative is based on the donation provided by its self-declared members.

I am one of around 1,400 proud members of the initiative who provide occasional donation (any amount of my choice). And, it’s relatively successful in crowd-funding its projects and keeping things tied together.

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