Nepal Smiles

A Smile a Day, Gives Us Hopes!

I always believed a feel good photo is enough to re-energize us by giving us the feeling of optimism and hope!

Long ago, my love of children and their smiles made me begin Nepal Smiles – a website dedicated to photos of smiling children with a hope that the visitors could begin their day with hope and optimism.

It ran for a year and then I had to stop it because I ran out of the photos and there weren’t a lot of user submissions.

In 2013, I requested Photojournalists’ Club to include a charity category in their annual Nepal Photo Contest, the biggest photographic contest open to all Nepalis. They agreed and we named it Nepal Smiles with all the funds raised by the category going for a charity.

The Terms and Condition for the category stated that the photos would be displayed in for non-commercial purpose.

The category was sponsored by PLO Lubricants.

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