Revisiting Bloggers Meet II

If you want yourself to be different, then write differently so that people can enjoy you. And, its more true for us, the bloggers, when we write about the same event. The Bloggers Meet II held on Feb 17 at Freedom Forum was attended by 12 bloggers and some of them, and other, wrote about it – all in different, thus joyful to read, way.

Here is the list and links to those blog entries:

KP Dhungana in (in Nepali)

Has the summary of the decisions (so that we won’t forget it all)

  1. Holding an international bloggers conference within a year
  2. Awarding the best blog in 2008 evaluating all the blogs from 2007
  3. Holding trainings to empower bloggers with technical knowledge
  4. Publishing a book about blogging in Nepali

Although he calls in ambitious, he is optimistic that it could be fulfilled.

Deepak Adhikari in Deepak’s Diary

“…there emerged plans, agendas and more importantly the “can-do” attitude. Plans aside, what impressed me was Nepali bloggers’ willingness to interact. The meeting was not over even after it’s conclusion was announced. The best part for me was my trysts with hitherto invisible or barely visible bloggers in person. We have read them a lot, but haven’t seen face to face!…”

Keshav Koirala in Vashek’s Ramblings

Title: Bloggers & Jogis: They Are Alike
“Bloggers, enjoying all the paybacks of technology, and jogis, who apparently have renounced the worldiness and refused the physicalism–contrast. But they have one similarity, both are carefree. …”

Utshab Pokhrel in Afno Kura – The Stupid Feeling

“…the second meet of Bloggers also centered on promoting the Bloggers and the Blogging. There were some new faces as well as missing of some old faces who have met on the first meet. The discussion centered on the plans of future perspectives of blogging and holding the workshops, trainings to assist on the technical parts of blogging to the bloggers and to give ideas and general conceptions to the prospective bloggers. We also discussed about publishing a book about blogging, the short history of international blogging and the history of nepali blogging and about the nepali blogsphere. We also discussed on the matters of planning on the ideas of holding a conference probably on the beginning of 2008 and awarding best blogs in different segments…”

And, here is Anjesh‘s hope to attend (he didn’t, hopefully next month!)

“Don’t know what the discussion is about, maybe some experience sharing… Hope to attend tomorrow.”

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6 thoughts on “Revisiting Bloggers Meet II”

  1. I am late to comment.

    What I would like to ask fellow bloggers including newbies is what problems you do have regarding techinal part?

    we would love to share our experiences. feel free to ask, there or there……..

    Vahsek’s Ramblings!

  2. Hey Ujjwal! Sorry cudnt make it to this meeting either, but I really like the ideas that have emerged out of it! The international blog conferance sound like an excellent idea.

    Keep blogging!

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