The Tweeting Editors

Popular microblogging platform Twitter has become popular among the editors in Nepal.

Although the level of impact by the editors’ tweets is yet to be analyzed, they are expressing their opinions and debating on national issues on Twitter.

I follow as many tweeting editors as I could find with my Twitter account (@UjjwalAcharya) and it all went interesting last week when the editors exchanged views on system of governance (especially on directly-elected president).

Sudheer Sharma, the editor of Nepal’s largest daily Kantipur, tweeted supporting directly elected president a day before his article on the same appeared in his newspaper.!/sudheerktm/status/154086983096995840

And, there were counter-opinions from other editors. Nagarik’s editor Narayan Wagle tweeted saying that the parliamentary system is not faulty:!/narayanwagle/status/154118413265014785

Kanak Mani Dixit, publisher of Himan Khabarpatrika and editor of Himal Southasia too expressed his opposition to what Sharma argued:!/KanakManiDixit/status/155650798708199426

Support for Sharma’s arguments came from Jhalak Subedi, the editor of Mulyankan opinion-based monthly magazine:!/makaikhole/status/156159220780244992

Looking at those tweets and some other, it wasn’t hard for anyone to evaluate what the editors are supporting and what’s not. Is it good that editors expressed their opinions (biased towards a point of view) so publicly? I am not sure but it gives a level of transparency to any newspaper and honesty to the audience.

It’s interesting to see the editors debating issues of national interest – and using Twitter as a platform for that. And, here is a list of editors who tweets with a personal note on the bracket.

@sudheerktm – Sudheer Sharma, Kantipur (tweets regularly, sharing links to his newspaper content, some opinion and some personal sharing)

@AkhileshU – Akhilesh Upadyay, The Kathmandu Post (tweets/retwets frequently, shares opinions on politics, cricket/football, links to his newspaper contents)

@NarayanWagle – Narayan Wagle, Nagarik (tweets frequently, mostly his opinions and a few links to stories)

@AmeetDhakal – Ameet Dhakal, Republica (has an account, 4 tweets / 1 retweet in four months)

@gunaraj – Gunaraj Luitel, executive editor, Annapurna Post (actively tweets/retweets, sharing opinions/links)

@akhanal – Ajaya Bhadra Khanal, The Himalayan Times (has an account, tweets his opinions sometimes )

@kishorenepal – Kishore Nepal, Sukrabar (tweets regularly – always his opinions, personal stuffs)

@Makaikhole – Jhalak Subedi, Mulyankan (tweets frequently, mostly his opinions and replies)

@kundadixit – Kunda Dixit, Nepali Times (actively tweets using hashtags, retweets actively, shares links and opinions all all subjects, including updates on aviation sector)

@kanakmanidixit – Kanak Mani Dixit, Himal Southasia (tweets irregularly, shares his opinions

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5 thoughts on “The Tweeting Editors”

  1. Ujjwal, good piece. Yet, my point of view wasn’t picked up properly. What I said was it was parties’ fault to change the governments so frequently, not the System’s. Parliamentary system is still best for Nepal, having its own limitations. 

  2. I suggest to all editors to write special editorial about form of government according to their line . If political parties adopt different form of government, they should apologize with people writing special editorial again .  

  3. what i dislike about editors being in twitter is they don’t follow general publics twitter account not even single of them and this way how can they how the people are feeling or reacting to a situation!

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